Bluebean has been providing outsourced business process services since 20006. Our workforce in an even and healthy mix of young and middle-aged individuals who reside in close proximity to our operations center, located on in one of the biggest suburban areas near Metro Manila.

Bluebean culture promotes the values of family and healthy fraternization among peers, and this has fostered appreciation for each member’s crucial role in the various successes of our organization. We recognize the value of each individual’s hard work, appreciate the contributions of every familiar team, and remember the faces of those who’ve built our company to where we are now.

Bluebean is about our people and the foundation on which we stand. We are proud workers, and we are collectively known for the toil that we exert and for the work that we accomplish. And we continue to work hard and perform, persistently meeting and even exceeding the expectations of out most valued partners.

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Bluebean endeavors to be an excellent provider of the outsourced business process services. We aim to build lasting business relationship with partners in the Philippines and around the globe through service that is grounded on professionalism, trust, and productivity.

As provider of outsourced services, we shall maintain a family of agents, managers, executives, and staff who stang by outr values and provide quality results with the finest, most reliable technologies while upholding the good business reputation of our partners.

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The Operations Floor is "sacred grouds" at Bluebean It bustles with activity from employees dressed in traditional corporate garb - disappointed if thy cannot deliver on their performance requirements, apologetic if they cannot contribute to the team due to illness, enthusiastic for the success of their peers.

Only a rare breed of individuals may have the right to confidently use the words "Bluebean Pride.! Those who do so value hard work and real accomplishments and appreciate this select and exclusive group to which they curretly belong. Others who continue to proudly use these words and have found success elsewhere in this industry have passed through our doors and walked our operations floor.

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Our Services

Bluebean Inc.

Finance And Accounting

Buenaventura, Gonzales, and Associate CPA’s (BGA) is an accounting firm founded in 1966. duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. And accredited by the Bureau of internal Revenue of the Republic of the Philippines.

BGA has been providing accounting, bookkeeping auditing, and tax and financial management consultancy services to diverse professional and individuals as well as major corporations engaged in real estate, construction, restaurant chains, education, medicine and health care, automotive manufacturing, petroleum, food manufacturing and processing, retail, and import and export. The trust that these individuals and corporations have placed on BGA is a reflection of the good reputation that firm commands among those in business and industry.

Finance And Accounting Services

We are the following outsourced finance and accounting services:

For international Client:

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of other supporting Accounting reports
  • Preparation of Schedule of Sales, Accounts Receivable/Payable, and payroll
  • Reconcillation of Accounts

For Local Client:

  • Bookkeeping. Covers all the processes from bookkeeping to the preparation of the financial statement (i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.)
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Assistance Preparation of VAT, withholding taxes (expanded and compensation), Quarterly and Annual Income Tax, including consultation regarding taxation, new revenue regulations, and other BIR memoranda and Estate Tax, and assistance in tax investigations
  • Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Assistance Preparation and submission of corporate papers for new corporations, including Increase of Authorized Capital Stock, and other reportorial requirements.
  • Other Services. Preparation of different Accountin schedules, Reconciliation of Accounts, and Payroll.


Bluebean is equipped with top-of-the-line, high technology server systems from Avaya a trusted and leading global provider of business communications application and technologies. An Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system for inbound calls is connected via advanced PBX phone switches to high-bandwidth telephony lines while an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can automatically answer inbound calls and process many types of customer inquiries and transaction.

Data transmission at out operation is seamlessly accomplished via Cisco routers and workstations are linked to high-performance servers and are interconnected by way of tested and certified Category 5E cabling network.

Meet the Founder

Bluebean Pride

Art Buenaventura


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Mark Buenaventura


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